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The delivery times...

First of all: Since we are still relatively "young on the market" with our broadening range, we, like most online shops, do not yet have large article capacities! This will improve noticeably, but we usually have standard items such as tights etc. in stock and can deliver them immediately! It's different with shoes because we offer different models from different manufacturers.

We have some models in stock, many of which we order from suppliers based on the customer's order. Some of the suppliers also only produce to order (made to order) such as Intermezzo or Motionwear. These providers only have a small part of their offer ready for dispatch in stock.

You can also see the status of your delivery in your customer data. As soon as we have received your item from the supplier and have sent it to you, you will receive a corresponding message by email. So it makes little sense to constantly ask whether the item has already been shipped! Here we are dependent on manufacturers and suppliers and cannot influence their delivery times and stocks. Depending on the manufacturer, the items are with us between 1-2 days and also only after 3-4 weeks (e.g. deliveries from the USA etc.).

We usually have Rumpf sneakers or items with us the next 1-2 working days after ordering, so that’s very quick! You can see what is immediately available when you select an item when you select size and color, for example, in our example: In this example you can see the item 21 in size "Ladies C-40" and the selected color are available and can therefore be delivered immediately.

If an item is not immediately available (in stock), you will be sent the same as in the following picture the estimated delivery time of the selected item is displayed:
Artikel nicht am Lager
Article not in stock So then z. B. the statement: "Delivery time approx. 4-8 days" that we usually get the item from the supplier within this period of time after you have ordered it and it will then be sent to you! Estimated delivery time means: Experience has shown that delivery will take place within this time frame!

However, this is no guarantee! If you need an item by a certain date, please ask beforehand whether this will work or please do not order! Items from e.g.: Hull we usually get the next working day! As a pure online shop without a shop or large storage capacities, it is not possible for us to stock all items, otherwise our prices would not be able to be maintained.

You will hardly find an online-only store that has everything in stock and can deliver immediately.

Where this is nevertheless claimed, one should at least question it critically. It is special with Irish dance shoes: Since these shoes are usually not made in large series, but mainly made to order by small companies such as Fay's, Corr's, James Gaynor etc., not all sizes and variants are immediately available there.

Especially when we order something from Ireland, it can sometimes take a few weeks before we get the item. Flamenco accessories such as shoes, dresses and skirts are also mostly made to order at Intermezzo, so it can take 3-6 weeks here too. This is not only unpleasant for the customers but also for us, but unfortunately unavoidable. It is therefore not always possible to state definitive delivery times when ordering, unless we have certain shoes, skirts, etc. "in stock".

But if I wanted to have every variant in every size in stock from every manufacturer, I would have to order 3 hard shoe variants in the most common sizes from Fay alone, which would then be 3 x 18 sizes = 54 pairs of hard shoes. Or sneakers: let's assume there are 20 sneaker models on offer: that would mean: 20 models x at least 20 pairs (sizes 34-46 + half sizes) = 400 pairs at least sneakers only. Transferred to the rest of the offer = stock & various € required! ;-) Now you just add Pacelli, Rutherford, CDP, Rumpf, Bleyer, Diamant, Kern and whatever else there is etc., then with a few 100 pairs you only have shoes that I would have to stock up on. Not to mention clothing and accessories. This is not possible, both financially and logistically, with an online offer without a shop. Therefore, there may be different delivery times for the different shoes, the details for the individual items are always approximate.

This may not be acceptable to many customers, but I'm all for fairness and correct information. If in doubt, just give us a call and we will give you as much information as possible. So we ask for your understanding if it sometimes takes longer than expected.

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